UK Dealer of DirectStream DAC From PS Audio

Midland Hi Fi Studios are now UK Dealers of DirectStream DAC . Described as one of the most remarkable DACS ever built. Hand written, discrete, perfection based conversion that uncovers all the missing information hiding in your digital audio media for all these years.

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Launch Of Anthony Gallo Strada 2

Anthony Gallos launches the Strada 2 Speaker. The most ambitious project to date, Strada redefined the term "price to performance ratio", and performed at a level which, for their size category, was simply unheard of. Strada 2 raises the bar yet again.


Monopulse Speakers

Midland HiFI Studios are proud to become UK Dealers for Monopulse Speakers. Mike Norton of Midland HiFi Studios regards the MonoPulse Model A as a very special hi-fi loudspeaker.